by-EFE’ is one of the latest brands of YÖM Vacuum, a leader company in its industry since 1977. The company which carries out manufacturing process in its own facilities, meeting all needs of the industry uses the ‘by-EFE’ brand generally for Disposable Food Containers. The detailed list of products manufactured under the ‘by-EFE’ brand is as follows:

Seal Food Containers -Sızdırmaz Gıda Kapları

Dished Seal Food Containers – Bombeli Sızdırmaz Gıda Kapları

Profiterole and Ice Cream Containers -Profiterol ve Dondurma Kapları

Meat and Date Containers -Et ve Hurma Kapları

Cookie Containers -Kurabiye Kapları

Service and Salad Bowls with Cover -Kapaklı Servis ve Salata Kaseleri

Snack Containers -Çerez Taşıma Kapları

Cracker Bowls-Galeta Kaseleri

deli food containers- şarküteri gıda kapları

Other Containers -diğer ürünler